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Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Artist to Writter( Mencari Makna dan Titik Dinding Tepas Atap Rumbia)

Mecari makna dan titik mula

Biografi Artist

Mr.Shamsul baharin

With Shamsul

Artist Mr.shamsul Baharin of Ipoh Perak with ambition to produce a historical book regarding Malay Education Development in the state of Perak (Federated Malay State)

Mr.Shamsul discussing in deep intrest with friends about contents to be publish in the book

The Book Dinding Tepas Atap Rumbia

Some Old Photo inside his coming book

I feel very greatful with Mr.Shamsul with his effort to produce such a invaluable asset and all collectors should follow the spirit of Mr.Shamsul!Hopely the book can be lounched late this year.God bless!

Malay School during 50th