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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

79yers Old Advertisment Artisi Si Fu Ah Kam

With Si Fu Ah Kam,79yrs Old Advertisement Artist,2nd Genaration doing Advestisment For Coca-Cola Company,F&N.and 100plus also Commercial  in Ipoh Perak,Malaysia.Now he Retire.before I meet him 5 years ago..I Collect and sell enamel signBoard..(messh Production) but since I meet him now..I fall in Love with his art work..for my own collection

it took 2-3 week to finish

Hundreds of collectors,Cafe & Restoran Ownner intrested with his work..but because of time to line up  in 1 month he only can finish 2.or 3 panting.. A year may be 30pcs..

when ask Fast...the only have 2 hand..

Gadis Melayu

Gadis Melayu Terakahir  Special Order for F&N Collector..sure very Happy..It Done!

My Collection by SI Fu Ah Kam