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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A day in Ipoh Perak with my old friend from Kuala Lumpr

With Collector Farid & Mr.Yap

Anything Intrested!Farid

Pehh!!  Unsangkarable!!

Just a Glass..

Lokin Super Kinta.Ipoh Perak

Dont know what 2 many thing Intrested


Then to Mr.Mi CheporCoke Collector Housa in Cepor Perak

Mr.Farid with Mr.Mi brother Mr.Din

with farid at Mr.Mi House

ha..ha... Mr.Din Postor House..Aerated Bottle Colector in Bercham Ipoh

This what I get from Mr.Din

with new collector

Last stop..sembang2 kedai kopi..