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Sunday, March 11, 2012

One day in Ipoh, Perak.Malaysia

Aerated Bottles and Coke Colector Mr.kamil aka Che Mat,Nazrin & Rani Coming 2 Ipoh

Former F&N Factory

Hunting Aerated Bottle

Korek Kamil Korek...

after..we going 2 Collector Buyung House

Nazrin been Schooled by Mr.Buyung..'Don't Play Bottles..u Play-play Book'

What the hell is This...He asked me not to Play Bottles and yet!!!!

you said Don't Play u sale to me.....

1876 Paper Expedition Against The Malay....Pehhhh!!!! must Read..  Cun Gila...

Nazrin...Mr.Buyung...u the Best Books Collectors....anywhere the F&N embos Bottle u give 2 me..Ok! ha..ha..ha..

From Mr.Buyung House we went to Cikgu Ramly House Coke & Antique Collector


Melayu Mudah lupa..Malay easy Forget by X Malaysia Prime Minester

With Cikgu Ramly

He also a Drummer

Then to Aerated Bottles Collector Lengcai

u want 1...come down 2 Ipoh

With Lengcai Ipoh Perak.

Mr.Lan Tarik House

Cun!!!  but  why..the wording ' Tarik'?

Look look..everything for sales

Coke Singboard  Tarik Lan tarik..ha..ha.. tau x apa!

 With MR Fadir aka Mat Mudah..Bycle Collector House

Last Stop where else, Mak Bonda Collector House Mr.halim..Pehh!! Best!! Tau x apa!